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Posted: October 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Well, before I start, I must confess… I’m NOT a ‘Branding’ expert! I’m not even a social media guru, though I would like to believe that I’m slowly inching closer to becoming one! Wondering why should you read my blog? In the next few lines. I would like to give you a few reasons to do so…

Since the advent of modern social media (my tryst with social media began with Orkut & Blogger), I have always been an active & passionate networker. I’ve been on almost all major social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Fousquare, Myspace…. you name it, and I’m on it!  Well, this might sound exaggerated (considering a few hundred services did not really take off), but the point is, having experienced the different social networks so intimately, I believe that I understand them to a great extent. A few months back, I decided to take my fascination of social media a step forward. I started reading more related articles & blogs from the renowned social media gurus. And now I can proudly say, my understanding of the working, information flow & logstics of social media have grown manifold.

Through my research, I came across the concept of ‘social media branding’. I feel particularly drawn towards ‘personal branding’. I also believe I’m instinctively very good at it. But in this blog, I don’t intend to write ideas on branding that are universally accepted or any general theory on branding. For general information, you may refer to blogs penned by the renowned branding expert, Rob Frankel (links given at the end). What I write in this blog will be entirely my views, my understanding, and my interpretation of branding 🙂

I hope you find my blog useful & enjoy reading it as much I enjoy writing about it 🙂  Your feedback is valuable. For feedback, suggestions or queries, you may write to me here – . You may also subscribe to my posts through Facebook or Twitter.

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